Exercise Balance Ball

Elevation drawing of a woman sitting on an Exercise Balance Ball as a desk chair
Dimensioned drawings of various size Exercise Balance Balls with size recommendations for use as an office chair
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Small: 21.65” | 55 cm (5’ | 1.52 m or less person)
Medium: 25.6” | 65 cm (5’-5.5’ | 1.52-1.68 m person)
Large: 29.5” | 75 cm (5.5’-6’ | 1.68-1.83 m person)
X-Large: 33.5” | 85 cm (6’ | 1.83 m or taller person)

Materials: Inflatable, vinyl, plastic, or solid foam rubber
Designer: Aquilino Cosani
Year: 1963

Drawings include:
Exercise Balance Ball side elevations (multiple sizes), side (woman sitting)

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