Nichols Panel Headboard

The Nichols Panel Headboard has an overall height of 50.2” (128 cm), width of 62.7” (159 cm), and depth of .8” (2 cm).

Dimensioned elevation drawing of the Nichols Panel Headboard with height, width and typical bed height measurements

The Nichols Panel Headboard has an overall height of 50.2” (128 cm), width of 62.7” (159 cm), and depth of .8” (2 cm).

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
How do you attach a headboard to a bed frame?
A typical bed frame will have brackets for either a bolt-on headboard or a hook-on headboard. In both cases, position the headboard so its legs line up with the brackets. For a bolt-on, insert a bolt (and washer) through a hole in the bracket and into the leg of the headboard, repeat, make sure the headboard is center, and tighten the bolts by screwing on nuts. For a hook-on, attach the hooks into the holes of the legs until able to lock it in place by pressing down on the headboard.
How do you mount a headboard to a wall?
To mount a headboard to a wall, use a level and pencil to mark the intended placement of the headboard and center. Second, use a stud finder and mark their locations along the line previously drawn to mark where the headboard will go. Screw brackets into the studs on either end of the line and the center if need be. Place the headboard onto the brackets to mount it.
How wide is a headboard?
Although there is no set standard for the width of a headboard, it is typically 0 to 3 inches (7.6 cm) wider than the bed frame. For example, a queen bed is 60 inches (152 cm) wide which would make the headboard size fall between 60 and 63 inches (152-160 cm). For a king bed, the width would be between 76 and 79 inches (193-201 cm).


*Under Development*

50.2” | 128 cm
62.7” | 159 cm
.8” | 2 cm
Metal frame

Drawings include:
Nichols Panel Headboard front elevation


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