Pool Floats - Rafts - Female (Plan)

Plan drawings of women in various poses on pool floats labeled with length and width dimensions for typical pool rafts
Aerial drawing of women floating on pool rafts in assorted positions

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
How many calories does swimming burn?
The number of calories burned while swimming depends on the individuals’ metabolism and weight. The amount of calories burned also depends on the type of swimming. Swimming breaststroke for an hour burns a similar number of calories doing a fast freestyle. Butterfly burns the most calories estimating a 130 pound person to burn 649 calories swimming an hour.

What muscles does swimming work?
Swimming is a total body work out, and every major muscle group in the body is being worked. Upper body muscles that are being worked include the pectorals, deltoids, biceps, triceps, and wrist flexors. The calves, quads, hamstrings, glutes, as well as the core, are the lower body muscles that are being worked.
How do you breathe while swimming?
To effectively breathe while swimming, the swimmer needs to be comfortable with full face submersion, and finding a rhythmic breath. During a freestyle swim, exhales need to be performed while submerged underwater; when turning to breathe, the lungs should be empty to inhale fresh air. Forcing a rhythm of the breath needs to be practiced, and this should be constant with no pauses.


*Under Development*


Raft Sizes (Varies):
70”-90” | 178-229 cm
26”-34” | 66-86 cm
Vinyl, foam

Clothing Style

Drawings include:
Women Floating with Pool Rafts plan view


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