Dogwood Tree

Multiple elevation drawings of a Dogwood Tree illustrated in detail and in silhouette profiles

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
Why do leaves change color in autumn?
Leaves on trees change color in the fall season due to reduced chlorophyll pigment production in preparation for shedding their leaves for the winter. Brighter leaf colors occur in environments where nights are cold and days are shorter.
Why do trees lose their leaves?
Trees shed their leaves to conserve water for either the winter season in temperate climates or for the dry season in tropical and subtropical environments.
What is a Deciduous Tree?
Deciduous Trees are trees that naturally shed their leaves during specific seasons.


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Height: 25’-40’ | 7.6-12.2 m
Width (Canopy): 20’-30’ | 6.1-9.1 m
Leaf Shape: Oval
Leaves (Length): 3.0”-6.0” | 7.6-15.2 cm
Color: Green slightly pale below
Scientific Name: Cornus Florida

Drawings include:
Dogwood Tree elevation (detail), elevation (outline)

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