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A pouf is a versatile and comfortable furniture piece with multiple functions ranging from seating to being a foot rest, or even a side table depending on the stiffness of the pouf. Similar to an ottoman but without the structure and legs, a pouf (also pouffe) is normally used as a casual cushioned seat that seamlessly services spaces in conjunction with other furniture pieces such as sofas and couches.

Poufs are often seen as cushions and used for comfortable and flexible multi-purpose seating. Poufs are usually used in bedrooms, guest rooms, lounge spaces, kids rooms, and play rooms.

Cube Pouf

Shape: Cube
Width (Medium): 15.75” | 40 cm
Depth (Medium): 15.75” | 40 cm
Height (Medium): 15.75” | 40 cm
Width (Small): 13.75” | 35 cm
Depth (Small): 13.75” | 35 cm
Height (Small): 13.75” | 35 cm

Cube poufs, popular for their modularity and clean lines, are practical furniture pieces that can provide a flexible accent to a space. Cubes are versatile and simple forms great for sitting, foot rests or temporary side tables. Cubes are naturally easy to store and stack when not in use. Because of their straightforward dimensions, cube poufs come in a range of sizes that service different types of users from kids to teens and adults.
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Geometric Poufs

Shape: Octahedron; square dipyramid
Width: 23.5” | 60 cm
Depth: 23.5” | 60 cm
Height: 23.5” | 60 cm

Poufs can come in a range of versatile geometries—the extreme of which can be exciting new furniture forms such as the octahedron. Geometric poufs add angles, shapes, and surfaces to a space that would often not be found through traditional furniture and seating options. Remaining comfortable and stable enough to sit on, geometrically innovative poufs bring modern style to a room while still serving as great pieces for relaxation.
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