Indoor potted cacti grow in a myriad of strange, unique, and wonderful shapes and sizes and add low-maintenance personality to any space. Easy to grow indoors, the only attention that a cactus needs is the provision of bright light and fast draining soil. Cacti can grow as a single stem and over time may grow multiple stems and arms within a single pot.
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Aloe Vera

Scientific Name: Aloe barbadensis
Height (Maximum): 3’ | 91 cm
Height (Typical): 1’-2’ | 30-61 cm
Spread: 1’-3’ | 30-91 cm
Appearance: Thick, short-stemmed, sword-shaped
Climate: Tropical, sub-tropical, desert

Aloe vera plants (Aloe barbadensis) are perennial plants popular for their therapeutic healing and soothing properties when used to create ointments and gums. Characterized by their sword-like pointed leaves, aloe vera plants are found in tropical, sub-tropical, and desert regions and are commonly planted in containers for indoor use—though potting an aloe vera may limit its height capabilities. Aloe vera plants typically grow between 1’-2’ | 30-61 cm tall, but can often grow up to 3’ | 91 cm in the right conditions.
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