Luke Skywalker

Illustrations of Luke Skywalker in various poses with a lightsaber
Size comparison diagram of Luke Skywalker to Princess Leia and Darth Vader
Common Questions
Common Questions
When was Star Wars created?
Star Wars: A New Hope was released on May 25, 1977. George Lucas began writing the space opera story that would become Star Wars starting in 1971.
What inspired the creation of Star Wars?

George Lucas often states that the original ideas for Star Wars came about by referencing the plot and characters from Akira Kurosawa’s film ‘The Hidden Fortress’ and through his own desire to remake Flash Gordon serial films which he didn’t have the license to.
What is the conflict within the Star Wars saga?
The primary conflict of Star Wars is the struggle between the powers of light (the force; the Jedi) and those of evil (the dark side; the Sith) that occurs at a galactic scale. The Star Wars universe explores these relationships across many characters in range of situations involving politics, war, religion, technology, and the common man.


*Under Development*

69" (5’9”) | 1.75 m

Species: Human
Affiliation: Jedi Order
Weapon: Lightsaber
Mark Hamill

Drawings include:
Luke Skywalker front elevation (standing), front (casual), side, lightsaber (attack), lightsaber (defense)


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