Rumba Duets

Multiple illustrations of Rumba duets
Elevation drawings showing multiple positions performed in Rumba duets

Series of illustrations of couples performing the Rumba dance style
Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
How many calories does dancing burn?
Calories burning while dancing depends greatly on the type of dance, as well other factors such as fitness level and weight. For example, a 140 pound person salsa dancing for one hour may burn around 405 calories. Swing dancing for one hour can result in burning from 300-500 calories in one hour.
How do you get better at dancing?
To get better at dancing start by stretching every morning. Practicing muscle memory by repeating the same technique, skill, or routine will further aid in the advancement of dancing. Reviewing old pieces and watching dance videos will also help. Eating healthier and training in spare time will help to condition the body to dance longer, stronger, and better.
What is ballroom dancing?
Ballroom dancing is a social and competitive type of partner dance enjoyed around the world. Broadly, ballroom dancing can refer to any type of partner dancing. The term has been recently been specific to the five International Standard and five International Latin style dances.


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Drawings include:
Rumba Duets elevations (multiple positions)


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