Reception Seating

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
What factors should be considered when designing a reception area?
First and foremost, the branding should be the focus when designing a reception area as it gives the first impression of the business to its visitors. It is important for the values associated with a company to be reflected in the design. Elements that convey a company’s message and should be considered include: space, color scheme, lighting, and graphics. Provision for comfortable seating in the waiting area is also important.
How do you manage a reception area?
A reception area can be managed by the collection and use of feedback by clients and visitors. In terms of appearances, the reception area should be visually clean with documents and files out of sight and organized in storage. There should be a clear traffic flow maintained in this area with information and services provided to those upon entry.
How large should a reception area be?
In a reception or waiting area, 20 square feet (1.89 sq. m) per person when seated in small chairs with an 80 square feet (7.43 sq. m) minimum altogether. This can be increased depending on the furniture and space size. Additional room is needed for water coolers, tables, snacks, etc.


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