Laundry Closet - One Unit Layout

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
What factors should be considered when designing a laundry room layout?
The laundry should be designed in consideration to the amount of space needed to hold a number of various items, for completing tasks, and for that amount of needed space to increase when the cycle of cleaning is in rotation. These items include: the washer/dryer units as mentioned, a countertop, clothes, baskets, cleaning supplies, an ironing board, and more. Appropriate lighting and ventilation should be considered as well.
Where is the best place to locate a laundry room sink?
The best place to locate a laundry room sink is dependent on the preference of the user, but the washer/dryer unit along with the sink are often found in a row with the sink positioned closest to the door. If part of a counter, it is best for the sink to be installed on either the left or right rather than the center to increase countertop space for folding.
How do you design a small laundry room?
It is important to make efficient use of the available space when designing a small laundry room. Shelving for storage can be wall-mounted and drying racks can hang down from the ceiling. If not enough or any surface/counter space, a fold up folding station can be installed. Pedestal drawers can be positioned under washer/dryer units and more storage can be placed on the back of the door.


*Under Development*


Width: 36”-42” | 91-107 cm
Depth: 36” | 91 cm
Height: 8’ | 2.4 m
Area: 10.5 ft2 | 1 m2

Drawings include:
Laundry Closet - One Unit plan, elevation

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