IKEA Hemnes Bookcase - Wide

The IKEA Hemnes Bookcase (Wide) has an overall height of 83.5” (212 cm), width of 35.375” (90 cm), and depth of 14.625" (37 cm).

Dimensioned set of drawings of the IKEA Hemnes Wide Bookcase with height, width and depth measurements in plan and elevation

The IKEA Hemnes Bookcase (Wide) has an overall height of 83.5” (212 cm), width of 35.375” (90 cm), and depth of 14.625" (37 cm).

Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
How do you secure a bookcase to a wall?

Bookcases are heavy and should always be secured to the wall by using either brackets or velcro and wall anchors. For brackets, locate the studs in your wall and use them to attach an “L” shape bracket between the wall and the top of the bookcase. For velcro, locate the wall studs and drill a velcro strap into each wall stud. Align the receiving end of the velcro on the top of the bookcase with the velcro on the studs and press the straps together to secure the bookcase in place.
How do you style a bookcase?
How you style a bookcase is up to you, but popular book organization strategies include: cover type, color, genre, preference, alphabetical, age, completion, height, size and mood. For additional flair, consider integrating potted plants, artwork, sculptural shapes, humor, storage, and vintage objects together with your book collection.
How deep is a bookcase?
Bookcases typically range in depth between 10”-12” (26-31 cm) for medium sized books. Smaller bookcase depths of 6.5” (17 cm) may be desired for paperback books and novels, while larger bookcase depths of 14” (35 cm) are useful for records and larger format books.


*Under Development*

83.5” | 212 cm
35.375” | 90 cm
14.625" | 37 cm
Solid pine and fiberboard
Carina Bengs (IKEA)

Drawings include:
IKEA Hemnes Bookcase - Wide front elevation, side, plan


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