Sitting Chair - Girls (Side)

Side elevation illustration with dimensions of girls sitting at chair height in multiple poses
Elevation drawings of girls sitting in side elevation with tables and measured with average table heights

Combined silhouette outline drawings of girls in multiple poses sitting in side elevation
Common Questions
Common Questions
Common Questions
Why do I have back pain when sitting?
Pain in the lower back is often a result of bad sitting posture, as a slouched or hunched over seated position puts strain on the discs. An underlying medical condition such as sciatica, a herniated disc, muscle strain, or degenerative disc disease, can worsen the pain. Upper back pain can be a result of a forward craning position when looking at a computer screen or phone display.
How many calories do you burn sitting?
Calories burned while sitting varies greatly on factors such as weight, fitness level, age, sex, and health status. Sitting is a low calorie-burning activity, but the more active you are, you will burn more calories while seated. A 150 lb person is estimated to burn 68 calories an hour sitting quietly, 102 calories doing light work, and 170 calories while doing moderate work.
How do you sleep sitting up?
For an optimal upright sleeping position, a slightly sloped surface, at about 70 degrees, is ideal. Padding against the vertical surface will help to simulate the comfort of sleeping on a bed. Lower back support is the more important part of upright sleeping; this can be achieved by a rolled up towel or small pillow behind the lower back. For a smooth transition from traditional sleeping postures to an upright position while sleeping, a neck support will be beneficial as well.


*Under Development*


Seat Heights: 12”-18” | 31-46 cm
Table Heights: 20”-24” | 51-61 cm
Style: Casual/School
Ages: 5-8

Drawings include:
Girls Sitting Chair Height side elevations (detail), side (outline)


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