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Tennis is a competitive sport where single players (singles) or pairs of players (doubles) use corded rackets to hit a felt covered rubber ball over a central net onto the opponent’s court. Points are scored by hitting the tennis ball over the net in a way that the opponent is not able to return it.

Tennis matches are scored though a sequence of earning points, winning games, and winning sets. Four points and a two point margin over the opponent are needed to win a game. Points are named differently than the actual point count in the following way: Love (zero points), 15 (one point), 30 (two points), 40 (three points), Game (four points). A set is won by the first side that wins six games with a two game margin. Matches are played in a best-of-three or best-of-five set format.

Tennis Court

Length: 78’ | 23.77 m
Width (Full/Doubles): 36’ | 11 m
Width (Singles): 27’ | 8.2 m
Playing Area (Full): 2,808 ft2 | 260.9 m2
Clearance (Back): 21’ | 3.66 m
Clearance (Side): 12’ | 6.4 m
Area (With Clearances): 7,200 ft2 | 668.9 m2
Material (Outdoor): Grass, clay, acrylic topped concrete or asphalt
Material (Indoor): Carpet, hardwood flooring

Tennis courts are flat rectangular playing surfaces used for the sport of tennis. Measuring 78’ | 23.77 m by 36’ | 11 m for doubles or 27’ | 8.2 m for singles, tennis courts have an overall playing area of 2,808 ft2 | 260.9 m2. To ensure the safety of the players as they chase balls outside the court boundaries, a clearance space of 21’ | 3.66 m should be provided beyond the baselines and 12’ | 6.4 m for the sides.
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