Illustration of an office worker using the office printer

Office Equipment

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Office equipment refers to common workplace fixtures that are considered long-term assets and essential to the functioning of a company. Typically including large cost items electronic such as printers, copiers, computers and fax machines, office equipment is upgraded regularly and will see a depreciation of value over time as technology continues to evolve and the equipment becomes overused or outdated.

Illustration of a MFP Tabletop Laser Printer on a table surface with a female office worker for scale
MFP Tabletop Laser Printer

Width: 23” | 58.4 cm
Depth: 25.75” | 65.4 cm
Height: 28.25” | 71.8 cm

Multiple dimensioned drawings of a MFP Tabletop Laser Printer with measurements for width, depth, and height
Illustration of a male office worker using a MFP Performance Laser Printer touch screen
MFP Performance Laser Printer

Width (Overall): 63.5” | 161.3 cm
Depth (Overall): 25.75” | 65.4 cm
Height (Overall): 47” | 119.4 cm

Drawings of the front and plan views of a MFP Performance Laser Printer with dimensions for length, height, and depth