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Size: Medium to large
Height (Withers) - Male: 
25.5"-26" | 65-66 cm
Height (Withers) - Female: 23.5"-24" | 60-61 cm
Weight - Male: 
121 lb | 55 kg
Weight - Female: 92 lb| 42 kg
Color: Black with defined rich tan markings
Coat: Double-coat, short, hard, thick
Companion, service, working
Life Span: 8-10 years

Considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds, the German Rottweiler was traditionally kept as a herding dog for driving cattle and protecting humans. Medium to large in build with compact and powerful bodies, Rottweilers are good natured, devoted, obedient and committed to work. Because of their alert dispositions and their physical proportions allowing for great strength, agility and endurance, Rottweilers are now commonly used for search, guard, and police dogs.
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