Desert Cacti

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Saguaro Cactus

Genus/Species: Carnegiea gigantea

Location: Sonoran Desert (S Arizona, W Sonora, Mexico, SE California)

Height: Average 30’ | 9 m; up to 40-60’ | 12-18 m

Weight: 3200-4800 pounds (during steady rain)

Diameter: Base Column: 18-24” | 45-60 cm

Flowers: White, April-June

Fruit: Red fruits, ripen in June

The saguaro cactus (carnegiea gigantea) is the largest cactus species in the United States and is a defining image of the Sonoran Desert. An international icon of the American Southwest, the saguaro’s unmistakable silhouette is often used for commercials and brands that want to convey the idea of the wild west. Growing about an inch a year, the height of a saguaro is between 15-50’ (4.5 m - 18 m) with an average height of 30’ (9 m).
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