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Island Walk-In Closets

Width: 13’ | 396 cm
Length: Flexible
Movement Zone: 3’ | 91 cm around island
Area: 169 ft2 | 15.7 m2
Uses: Master bedroom, guest suite
Doors: Single, double, folding
Variations (Island): Seat, additional storage, dresser
Benefits: Sitting area, extra surface, two people

Island walk-in closets are sized to incorporate a central island in the form of a bench, seat, work surface, storage fixture, or dresser while still providing adequate movement space around the room. A circulation zone of 3’ | 91 cm should be provided around the center island allowing for movement, access, and room to dress. Island walk-in closets are luxury closets that are considered “oversized” and are best suited for master bedrooms and generous guest suites because of their larger area requirements.
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