Small boats are personal or recreational vessels under 20’ in length. Typically found in calm inland waterways like lakes and rivers, small boats vary in size, construction, and function based on their intended usage. Small boats can be powered by people, such as paddle boats or rowboats, or can be equipped with a motor for greater mobility and speed.

Illustration of a Jon Boat with two people
Jon Boats

Length (Overall): 12’ 2” | 3.7 m
Width | Beam (Overall): 4’ 3” | 1.3 m
Depth (Overall): 2’ | .61 m

Dimension drawings of a Jon Boat with showing the side, front, and plan profiles
Drawing of a Flat Boat with a man sitting and steering the boat
Flat Boats

Length (Overall): 18’ | 5.49 m
Width | Beam (Overall): 7’ 3” | 2.21 m
Depth (Overall): 2’ 2” | .66 m

Measured drawings of Flat Boats with dimensions labeled on the side, front, and plan views
Side elevation drawing of a Skiff with two people

Length (Overall): 15’ | 4.57 m
Width | Beam (Overall): 5’4” | 1.62 m
Depth (Overall): 2’ | .61 m

Drawings with dimensions of a Skiff labeled on the side, front, and plan views
Illustration of three people riding in a Utility Boat
Utility Boats

Length (Overall): 18’ | 5.48 m
Width | Beam (Overall): 6’10” | 2.08 m
Depth (Overall): 3’8” | 1.12 m

Side, front and plan drawings with dimensions of a Utility Boat
Dimensioned drawing of a Two Person Fishing boat showing length and height