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Baseball Strike Zone

Width: 17” | 43.18 cm

Top: Midpoint between top of shoulders and top of pants
Bottom: A point just below the kneecap

Area for 6.5’ player: 3.75 ft2
Area for 6’ player: 3.5 ft2
Area for 5.5’ player: 3.25 ft2

The strike zone in baseball refers to the volume of space which a ball must pass through to be called a ‘strike’ (if the batter doesn’t swing). If the baseball does not pass through this zone it will be called a ‘ball.’ Official strike zones are calculated as the space between the width of home-plate, 17” | 43.18 cm, up to the midpoint between a batter’s shoulders and uniform pants when in their stance, and extending down to just below their kneecaps.
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