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Height: 8’-16’ | 2.4-4.9 m
Height (Average): 12’ | 3.7m

Corn, the most widely produced feed grain in the US, can grow between 8'-16' (2.4-4.9 m) tall and is generally harvested for two months between September and November.
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Genus: Triticum
Height: 2’-6’ | .6-1.8 m
Height (Average): 4’ | 1.2 m
Climate: Temperate
Harvest: Two season: spring & winter
Type: Grain
Uses: Flour for bread, pasta, pastry

Wheat is a tall, annual, cereal plant whose grain is ground and used for the flour for producing bread, pasta, pastries, etc. Wheat is harvested in two seasons, a spring and winter wheat, and attains an average height of 4’ | 1.2 m.
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